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D1-2 GROUP FH ORTHO : Live Arrow

Replay Sessions - English

Live Surgery from Toulouse with Jean KANYModeration by Jean-David WERTHEL & Thibault LAFOSSE

D1-3 Welcome and Introduction

Replay Sessions - English

Laurent LAFOSSE, Josť-Carlos GARCIA, Thibault LAFOSSE, Mauricio FADEL

D1-4 Scapulothoracic Disorders

Replay Sessions - English

Bassem ALHASSAN, Thibault LAFOSSE, JP WARNER, Josť-Carlos GARCIAModeration: Jean KANY, Giuseppe POECELLINI, Eric WAGNER

D1-5 Brachial Plexus Lesions, how to shoulder surgeons manage it?

Replay Sessions - English

Ashish GUPTA, Eric WAGNER, Thibault LAFOSSEModeration: Bassem ELHASSAN, Philippe VALENTI

D1-6 Endobutton Arthroscopic Latarjet

Replay Sessions - English

Live Surgery with Pascal BOILEAU, sponsored by Smith & NephewModeration: Alvaro CARDOSO, Alessandro CASTAGNA, Laurent LAFOSSE, Thibault LAFOSSE

D1-7 Pseudoparalytic Shoulder

Replay Sessions - English

Jean-David WERTHEL, Giuseppe PORCELLINI, Karl WIESERModeration: Ashish BABHULKAR, Pascal BOILEAU, Thibault LAFOSSE